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June 23, 2011 / GPC-Texas

Is Your Business Part of the GSA Advantage?

It all started with one little Tweet:

Check out the new #GSA Advantage, the government’s premier online shopping system –

The GSA launched their new GSA Advantage website, where government entities can go to shop for goods and services

E-Shopping Cart


they need from approved businesses. From the GSA Advantage® Website:

Ensuring Best Value using GSA Advantage®

How the new GSA Advantage can help. 
With the launch of the new GSA Advantage, we have made it easier than ever to make a best value decision. Once you have narrowed down your search to a specific product, clicking the “Buy/Compare” button takes you to the Product Detail page.

* Tip – if a product is sold by more than one contractor, we display the number of contractors offering the product next to the “Buy/Compare” button.

On the Product Detail page, under “Compare Available Sources” all contractors offering this product will be listed (in price ascending order). From this table you can easily compare pricing, and terms and conditions (socio-economic status, delivery days, minimum order, FOB shipping). 

GSA Advantage provides the helpful tools and information to assist you in making an effective best value decision. 

The GSA is also touting its new Advantage® system has less of an environmental impact. So using Advantage® is convenient, economical and sustainable. From the GSA Advantage® Website:

Be “Green” by using GSA Advantage®

At GSA, we not only provide quality products and services, we encourage and enable environmental compliance. GSA is proud to be a leader and participant in Green initiatives, and we fully appreciate the need to pass it on! 

The new GSA Advantage makes is easy to identify and shop for environmentally friendly products.

  • On the homepage, visit the “Environmental Program” aisle.
  • On the Search Results, all “green” products will be marked with a green leaf icon indicating the “product has environmental attributes” making them easy to distinguish from non-green products.
  • All green products will include a complete list of green attributes on the Product Detail.

Buying green is good for the environment, and good for the government. Using GSA Advantage can help agencies become environmentally efficient. 

So the question du jour is –

How can I get MY business’ products and services listed on GSA Advantage®?

You’re in luck – they have a handy-dandy Contractor Information section set up and ready to go.

But what if you still have questions?

Did you know that the GSA will be at the upcoming Government Procurement Conference?

Ready! Set! Register Today!!

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